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The "Bertha Benz Challenge" –
Invitation to shape the Future of Sustainable Mobility with us!

Today's combustion engine driven motor traffic, and the necessary petrol, quite obviously are reaching their limits. Therefore alternative drive systems must now be developed.

This does not only require fundamental decisions, but also responsible decision makers.

That's why we are pleased to present to you the "Bertha Benz Challenge" today, that will take place on the world's oldest automobile road on Sept 10 and 11, 2011!

With the Bertha Benz Challenge we bring together the history of the invention of the automobile and its future!


Here you can download the 20-page presentation of the Bertha Benz Challenge as a PDF document! [Start download now, PDF, 264 KB]


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Signposts have been set up
Official Opening will be
embedded in the closing
ceremonies of
"Automobilsommer 2011"
Bertha Benz Challenge
(Open only for vehicles with
alternative drive systems)

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In Memoriam

Our friend Ms. Christiane Lubisch, who translated this website from German into English for free, passed away in December 2010.
We miss you, Christiane!