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As a private initiative, unfortunately, we do not have a big budget for making Bertha Benz and her extraordinarily courageous journey unforgotten.

Nevertheless, as a non-for-profit initiative, we are faced with great tasks and challenges. We are asking you for your support for this reason.

  • The Bertha Benz Memorial Route has been approved as a new scenic route, and has been signposted (approx. 150 signs).
  • As the Bertha Benz Memorial Route crosses several highways, the big brown highway signposts have to be financed and set up en route.
  • We would also like to make the great achievement of Bertha Benz known internationally, because establishing the historic route from 1888 as a modern scenic road will also be interesting to drivers in other countries. For this reason, we are planning on translating this website into 9 other languages.
  • Many people interested in Bertha Benz and the new scenic road will ask us questions – via e-mail, letter, telephone, etc. These questions must be answered, i.e. an operative office is necessary.
  • Only what can be materially touched can also be better understood! For this reason, we will set up an information or visitors' center where everyone can learn more about Bertha Benz, but also about the region.
All of these tasks, and the list will probably even get longer, poses great financial challenges which we ourselves are not able to master – therefore, we need your help and are asking you dearly to provide it!


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Signposts have been set up
Official Opening will be
embedded in the closing
ceremonies of
"Automobilsommer 2011"
Bertha Benz Challenge
(Open only for vehicles with
alternative drive systems)

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In Memoriam

Our friend Ms. Christiane Lubisch, who translated this website from German into English for free, passed away in December 2010.
We miss you, Christiane!